Meatless Monday Strictly Paleo Slow Cooked Bechamel Sauce

Welcome to my strictly Paleo slow cooked creamy French bechamel sauce for Meatless Monday.

This Flourless Cheese Sauce is our most popular recipe on our blog. It is also the same white sauce that we have been making for a number of years. We quit the typical flour, butter and milk creamy sauce some time ago and have never really missed it. Occasionally we will put a recipe out based on the original sauce but it is rare.

You see after we realised how easy and simple it was to make one without flour or butter we never felt like we were missing out on anything. It was via the soup maker so very little effort was put into the dish but we were still getting amazing results.

But it wasn’t Paleo. It wasn’t a strictly Paleo dish with a few things in it that were not perfectly healthy. So we decided that with this month being all about Paleo and the ultimate health kick what we could achieve with a Paleo version that would be super healthy, super easy and best of all very versatile.

You can

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