Welcome to my meatless Monday veggie bake in the slow cooker recipe.

Picture the scene. I was hard at work in the office doing my morning emails (its amazing how many a food blogger can get) and Dominic was in the kitchen washing up after breakfast. The office is an outbuilding that is attached to our downstairs bathroom but you have to access the office from the driveway. It is not very far away from our kitchen but with me often having Facebook open dealing with social media we will often chat from there.

I had this realisation. I messaged Dominic and said to him:

“Out of all your favourite recipes of mine have you noticed which one I have yet to do for the blog?”

About a second later he said my veggie bake and how I must do it in the slow cooker.

Well I take his instructions very seriously, especially when it comes to my veggie bake as I love it as much as he does. If you are not a Brit and have not heard the term “veggie bake” before then we are talking about delicious root vegetables cooked in a homemade cheese sauce with as much cheese as one can handle.

The next day it was in the slow cooker and we were all enjoying it for supper with lots of warm crusty bread that we had just got that morning from the local supermarket.

I decided to post it today for the blog (even though I actually made it and wrote the recipe up in late September) as I felt it was perfectly fitting for both Thanksgiving, Christmas and of course the traditions of Meatless Monday.

For me it has always been and always will be the tradition of the roast dinner. You would have it alongside a roast turkey (or beef if you mum was cooking) along with the usual gravy, cabbage, Yorkshire Puddings, roast potatoes and of course your mash. I would watch my mum making a huge veggie bake and nagging her that there must be some leftovers for the next day.

Then when we sat at the dinner table (there would often be somewhere between 8–12 of us) I would eat the biggest portion of the veggie bake. In fact I would often not bother with the meat because I would rather have more veggie bake. Then when I was a vegetarian I was rather happy just tucking into this.

Then when I left home it was a main meal and I couldn’t do a Sunday dinner without one. It was like some unspoken law.

So here it is. Perfected over the years and perfect as a meat alternative for Christmas or Thanksgiving or for when you have a Sunday dinner. And there is such a huge amount of vegetables in it, your kids won’t even notice the big vegetable kick you are giving them thanks to the cheese sauce.

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