Paleo Leftover Vegetable Slow Cooker Medley

Welcome to my leftover vegetable slow cooker medley recipe for this weeks Meatless Monday.

Hello October theme and welcome to my monthly theme of Paleo inspired recipes. I wanted to have a month dedicated to easy Paleo recipes after being inspired by an American TV show that I was watching. It was from a UK nutritionist that I remember watching on UK TV years ago. She was known for her strict diets and zero tolerance to diet cheaters. She would even make the husband join the wife on the diet and really scare the life out of me.

Well anyway I was watching her on this new TV show where she was helping people lose weight over a 6 week period. But what freaked me out about it was she had them getting up at 5am just to prepare food for the day. It was all the kind of food that you eat in general when you’re on Paleo and I have never had to get up at that time of the day ever in order to eat healthy.

In fact I have friends locally that have never eaten anything but Paleo food and would never get out of bed before everyone else for the sake of food.

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