Paleo Slow Cooked Chicken Legs & Vegetables

Welcome to my Paleo slow cooked chicken legs and vegetables recipe.

I actually have two slow cookers and 1 is ancient and then the other is fairly modern. The first was a gift many years ago and we believe it was an early 90’s model. The other we have had just over a year and both do an amazing job. From a frugal point of view the first is not great.

Due to the fact that it is more than 20 years old means that it is not energy efficient and takes longer to cook with and sends our electric bill through the roof. But it is also compact and it makes the perfect size for cooking lasagne, sides to go with a meal and also makes the best ever pulled pork.

The biggest downsize is the fact that it’s too small for a whole chicken and that’s the main reason we got the Lakeland large family model.

You can

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