Paleo Sweet Potato Hash In The Slow Cooker

Welcome to my Paleo Sweet Potato Hash In The Slow Cooker recipe.

I love my slow cooker but sometimes I feel like I fall into cooking the same things in it every time.

This will usually involve lots of meat. The favourites for us here at Recipe This is slow cooked pulled pork, lots of brisket, chicken curry dishes and lots of ribs. This is probably because you want to achieve a main meal out of your slow cooker for the fact that it has been cooking all day long.

But sides and vegetables dishes to go with your main meal can be great too. We actually have two slow cookers because we just love slow cooker meals. We got given both of them so we have never invested in one as such. Our first was a gift from a customer in 2004 and she said she had used it for years and had now got a smaller one.

You can

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