Welcome to Recipe This one year birthday and a Problogger Blog audit.

When you first start a blog, whether it is a food blog, fashion blog, travel blog or even a diet blog, you become inpatient and want to see results straight away. You don’t want to wait for things to happen you want everything now.

Because of this a year in a blogs lifespan feels like a long term and in that first year it is all about establishing yourself. Establishing yourself in the search engines, establishing yourself in social media, establishing your brand and best of all creating content that people will want to come and get more.

But also in that first year it can be hard to make money, to build traffic and many people often don’t have the dedication that comes with running a blog and will quit before it hits that one year anniversary mark.

Well after we have been working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week on our food blog over the last 12 months we decided it would be fun to do a site audit. In fact we discovered this blog post on ProBlogger back when our site was less than a month old and saved the article and decided that we would give it a go when we hit our first birthday. So here we are and we are ready to dig deep into our site and look at ways we could improve on what we have already achieved.

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