TL;DR (what is it about men commenting on articles about gender that means they have to write a…
Kit Kimberly

How to interpret “men”

“As the stats in the piece show, MEN are responsible for the vast majority of violence in human society (and against nature, if we’re honest about it).”

True, but the question is how to interpret the word “men” — it can be read as the plural form of “an individual man” or as meaning “all males.” In this context I would argue it’s a plural because most men (including me) are not part of those stats, having not committed violence. And a “plural” doesn’t commit crimes, individuals do, and groups of individuals do — but plurals don’t. That is not an apology for men in general, or those men who are violent — it is an argument against distorting a word and using it to damn everyone in a gender.

And as to whether all non-violent people have a stake in this, note that “in 2010, men were the victims in almost four out of five homicides and almost two-thirds of robberies and non-domestic aggravated assaults.” I wasn’t a victim, but under your reading of “men” as meaning all males, then I guess I was.

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