Date selection: Would it be odd or even?

Hey guys,

We’re contemplating organizing GAME on either 3rd of December or 10th of December. Sunday is the day GAME comes to life. But as you all know, like all decisions in life, you’ve to make some tough choices.

So here are the two things we want to ascertain before we zero down on the date:

  1. Winters bring marriage season and Sunday happens to be a knotty day (pun intended). Pandits are known to suggest marriage dates in advance. We wouldn’t want to make it a tough choice for our alum — whether to attend GAME or that relative’s wedding. So if you have some sources in the pandit-community, could you please help find out whether any of these two dates happens to be auspicious for weddings?
  2. It may be a bleak possibility, but we would like to pursue it, to have a few NITK students from the current batches join us @ GAME Bangalore. Oddly, it’s time for their odd semester exams. We need credible information regarding which of these two dates won’t bump into their exam preparation timelines.

It’s an easy choice once we get answers to these two questions. Please post your suggestions in the comments below or write to us at

Thank you for reading. #GAMEBangalore