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This week in lukewarm takes.

They punch Nazi’s, don’t they?

How do you approach someone advocating for a white ethno-nationalist state, the restriction of the birth rates among non-whites and the promotion of increasing the breeding of intelligent good white stock? Especially when their use of free speech is to advocate the removal of free speech, rights and personhood from everyone who isn’t a white person like them.

This week someone punched one of them. In response he claimed that unless his movement can be public, it cannot win. That means punching more fascists, literally and figuratively. No, it’s not the same as becoming one of them, unless you’re in favour of everything written in the first paragraph.

Read Flavia Dzodan’s post for more about this.

Billionaires Boys Club

One of the more unexpected facets of Northern Hemisphere Democracy Falls Apart 2017 is the emergence of Billionaire Colonialism. Donating and advising to Trump’s Presidential campaign while already having citizenship in safe-house New Zealand is not Peter Thiel’s biggest dick move, just ask Gawker.

That a libertarian with the money to influence the modern democracy, he’s on record as despising gets citizenship without qualifying in the way every other immigrant does is shocking, yet somehow not surprising. It’s not the first time the current Government has been swayed by the bank balance of an immigrant, is it?

Not Even A God Damned Week

He took the oath in front of a crowd of thousands/millions/billions [delete as appropriate]. He’s President. It’s already as bad as it was expected to be. It’s not even been seven days and the rate at which executive orders are being issued implies that at some point President Trump will accidentally executive order himself out of office, having done literally everything else.

It’s OK though because the Democrats are mounting a spirited resistance by voting in most of his picks for Cabinet and other roles in the Trump Administration because peacefully transferring power to a maniac with a pen is basically the same as trying to stop him. Or something.

Summer Loving

It’s good to see Peter Dunne, fresh off his hands in the air step away from the whole Peter Thiel thing, really get excited about something. No, it’s not cannabis legislation reform which could genuinely make a significant change to the lives of those suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses.

He wants to move the summer because the weather’s changing a bit. While it’s nice that the Minister has noticed Climate Change is real, his solution is suspiciously old man shouts at cloud. Fair play to him though, who hasn’t got to the end of the summer break and wondered how they could swing an extra week or two.

Meanwhile many beaches and waterways in Auckland have been tested and found to have incredibly high levels of sewage. Something, something David Seymour.

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