When to End a Bad Partnership

Speaking of a bad partnership, it can happen to anyone in any circumstances. Obviously. Personal or a professional one. In Both, equally frustrating to even begin to deal with, but the first thing to get over it, is to realize you are in one. BAM!

There is a story that lead me to deduce that. Once upon a time, there was a professor who asked a question to his students, “What is the first thing to do to break out of a prison?” Now imagine students, just being a student, try to craft their best answer. You must as well try it, to truly understand what I’m implying. Got your answer? Want to know what that professor is having in his mind? The first thing to do to break out of a prison is to realize that you ARE in one. By acknowledging it, consciously, in your mind.

To solve a problem, first of all, you got to realize you’re in one.

To solve a bad partnership is to realize that, oh shit, I’m in one. (face palm)

A partnership might started with the best intention that produce agreement to collaborate and by doing so, they might achieve great things together. But is the bond strong enough to fight the hurdles along the way? What are each one’s desire, how does they work their engine that’s powered by that desire? These kind of things can produce friction between that affect productivity. Productivity and also creativity often generated spontaneously. But ideas are not form in vacuum, a good dynamic in a relationship is surely endorse a good productivity.

But when all things go south on a partnership, there is no better way than to end it. Because toxic relationship can define your life’s trajectory unconsciously, and for hopeful romantics, which I’m sure is in a lot of us, are unaware that such thing exist.

The truth is, the separation will be easier if nobody in that partnership is dependent with each other. But hey, if that’s so, it is probably not a very great relationship anyway because trust is not much involved. If that is the case, our confidence to take the leap and claim our own future is the savior. We are our own knight in shining armor. Because each of us has our own terms and conditions, which stretch along our every action. But if the partnership start to limit us, that is when we need to end it. Each side are lost, but lesson learned.

Move on.