New York, NY — May 23, 2018 — On Monday, May 21, advocates in the Reclaim Pride Coalition (RPC), the coalition of NYC-based groups and activists working to reduce corporate saturation and the militarized
police presence at NY Pride, learned that Heritage of Pride (HOP), the organizers of the event, would allow the coalition to form a Resistance Contingent within the 2018 Pride March. The victory comes after
months of lobbying on the heels of HOP’s abrupt withdrawal of their initial offer in January for coalition members to form a Resistance Contingent, as was done in 2017.

“We feel vindicated that at the last minute HOP is following through on its earlier offer to allow a Resistance Contingent in NY Pride, but it’s unacceptable that HOP would openly obstruct and delay the
efforts of community members for 5 months,” said Brandon Cuicchi of ACT UP NY.

In April, coalition members delivered a series of demands to HOP, including that there be no size limits placed on community groups marching in the parade and that LGBT police marching in the parade do so out of uniform and without weapons out of respect to those members of the LGBT community, especially people of color and transgender people, who are historically overpoliced and understandably do not feel safe in the presence of law enforcement like the NYPD.

Community advocates also expressed concerns over HOP and NYPD’s ongoing collaboration to control marchers with onerous restrictions such as wristbands and to inhibit parade attendees with mazes of barricades throughout the historically LGBT neighborhood of Greenwich Village. Members of RPC have continually raised questions over barricades inhibiting access and egress for the disabled and why Pridefest this year is located 20 city blocks from the end of the march, inhibiting access for those with
mobility issues. With one month until Pride, HOP has either stayed silent on these concerns or invoked NYPD collaboration and language to justify the changes to Pride.

“Until HOP stops ignoring concerns regarding policing and community participation at Pride, the community will continue to have little faith in their planning efforts for next year’s World Pride which ironically commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, the greatest example of LGBT people standing up to police repression,” said Jamila Hammami of Queer Detainee Empowerment Project.

The RPC has called a meeting for new and current coalition members this Saturday, May 26 from 1:00PM — 3:00 PM at the LGBT Center at 208 West 13th St in Manhattan.


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