An Update of Sorts

It’s been 15 days since the AnCheera repository was made available. Prior to that Reddit Thread going up, my crew had some things they wanted answers to which would’ve been great to have in AnCheera. They wouldn’t be appropriate for Viramate unfortunately. These were things like DPS, Crit Rate, etc. Things that someone who used to play FFXIV is very familiar with due to usage of ACT. There were other things as well, such as Dimension Halo transformation information, Daily Repeatable Quests tracking, and such.

Once the code for AnCheera was made available and it was declared to no longer be supported, I decided that it would be a great time to just add on the things that were requested and things that would be great QoL additions while continuing to allow it to function.

In said thread I received some pushback which I was not expecting. I also received encouragement before and after. I had proposed a list of features to be added in that thread as well. One thing that came out of it, was how to inform people of status and updates. I don’t want to spam the Reddit with Status Updates, I’m fine posting actual information about an update to the extension, but not just generic Status Update information. So, I will use this space for that.

Status Update

  • Migrating the GitHub Landing Page (README) information into different sections.
  • Added ESLint to assist in detecting various JS issues. Started to also add CodeClimate and Travis-CI but it looks like only Code Climate will be useful. Travis CI not so much.
  • Removed all commented out code.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs along the way.
  • Started Migrating some look-up information into files to make the JS code smaller and easier to understand.
  • Added various TODOs to go back and try to make things clearer and easier to address.
  • Started migrating the extension and preparing for a Chrome App Store submission to test updates and submissions.

Moving Forward

I’ll continue to provide Status Updates on this Medium. Changes will always be visible on the GitHub Repo: though the actual commits page is easier to see what changes are happening and when they’re being made.

I fully welcome Pull Requests if anyone is interested in collaborating.

Feature Requests

Please feel free to file Feature Requests here:


One of the biggest push backs I got was about AnCheera itself and it’s “legacy.” Concerns about tarnishing/destroying it. Therefore, it was decided that going forward, we will not continue under the AnCheera name. Instead we will rebrand into a new name (not yet decided) to allow users to continue using AnCheera and the new extension should they choose to.