#Launch: Record Bird for iOS Out Today 🚀

Download Record Bird for iOS: https://app.adjust.com/5n22yo

Today marks an important milestone for everyone at Record Bird, as we’re incredibly excited to launch our official iOS app. You can check out the app here: Record Bird on the App Store

Accompanying the launch, we’d like to highlight four fantastic features the that are unique to the app and will shape and improve your experience with Record Bird:


Likely the biggest update coming to Record Bird, is the integration of News for selected releases. So far, we’ve only notified you about the announcement and the release of a new record — in between those two dates, there was a lot of silence on our end. 😑

With the launch of our iOS app, we’ll also keep you informed whenever your favourite artists post a new track on SoundCloud (new audio), upload a new video to YouTube (new video) or have a story, interview or review written about the forthcoming release (new article).

We’re still in the early days of ‘News’, so bare with us if don’t cover every small release yet. If you come across news that you feel should be added to a release, feel free to add them via the ‘submit’ section in the app or via email.

What’s New

Whenever you open your Record Bird app, the What’s New section will highlight new announcements and releases that have occurred since your last login. The UI should allow you to quickly get an overview of recent updates, while giving you also the possibility to immediately dive into each release. Keep an eye out for further updates around this feature, which should ultimately become a notification center for your releases.

“What’s New” will give you an instant overview of both announced/released records since your last visit to Record Bird.

Save to Calendar

You can now save releases to your iCal for maximum convenience and get a reminder on the day before release. Simply swipe a release to its left and click “Calendar” or do the same thing via each releases’ detail screen.

Swipe, Save, Done!

Mute Artists

If you follow legendary, yet inactive (read: ‘dead’ or ‘broken up’) bands and musicians like David Bowie, Prince, Frank Sinatra or The Beatles, you know the feeling: You get a release notification only to realise that it’s not the much hoped for unpublished demo tapes, but yet another compilation of the artist’s greatest hits— you’ve just experienced what the music industry calls catalogue re-marketing. In order no to give you a heart attack everytime David Bowie comes back from the dead, you can now ‘mute’ artists — this makes any new releases by the artists still pop up in your feed, but you won’t get a notification each time.

A simple swipe in “My Artists” reveals a mute button. Muted artists are then marked with an icon and can be managed in Notification Settings.

We believe these four features will enable you to get the most out of Record Bird for iOS and will increase the relevance of every release notification we’ll send you. If you want to get further background information on existing and upcoming features, follow us on medium!

See you on iOS,
Your friends at Record Bird

by Andreas Mahringer, Co-Founder & CEO, Record Bird
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