Your Favourite Music Blogs on Record Bird

Looking for inspiration? Music blogs, magazines and radio stations now recommend artists for you to follow on Record Bird. 💘

Today, we launched a new update which allows a selection of music blogs, magazines and radio stations the opportunity to suggest a wide range of different artists to follow.

The feature is available in our iOS app (Version 1.2) and helps you to keep track of acts which you might not have on your radar yet. First partnerships include Intro Magazin, Diffus Magazin, radio FM4 and Hype Machine.

Download the app at

Each list is only available for a limited time, visible in selected locations and will be updated frequently. Moreover, lists will always be dedicated to a specific time and context for maximum relevance, for example:

  • “Artists of the Month” by Intro Magazin
  • “Autumn Favourites” by Diffus Magazin
  • “Best of 15 Years FM4 Soundpark” by radio FM4
  • “Most Blogged Artists of the Week” by Hype Machine

Why curation instead of automation?

We believe a great way to offer our users valuable recommendations in the time before a release, is by integrating handpicked sources which you already trust.

If you already listen to FM4, it’s useful to see in Record Bird which artists they currently play in heavy rotation. If you subscribe to Intro Magazin or are reading Diffus on your daily commute to work, you likely care about their most anticipated artists. If you have no idea which artists are gaining traction in the blogosphere, why not check out a list by the best music blog aggregator in the world, Hype Machine?

Debuting artists like Mavi Phoenix will have a hard time popping up in any automated recommendation systems. //

Recommendations are usually always based on past behavior, but what if these data points are misleading or lacking entirely? Think of any new artist and their debut albums!

This is where the human factor becomes most powerful: An editor might have seen the act live already or might have heard a demo tape. Recommendations can then be based on non-public or non-digital information.

We firmly believe, that in the pre-release period, curation will lead to better results than automation. Particularly, if such carefully curated lists are handpicked by editors who worked hard in the past to gain your trust.

These curated lists will be treated as one experiment by our team. We hope to see that these lists will inspire users to follow artists which they might otherwise miss out on. On top, we work to bring more personalisation to the feature, so that each list becomes more relevant to each individual user.

For now though, we’d love to hear your honest feedback.

Thanks to the lovely people at Intro Magazin, Diffus Magazin, radio FM4 and Hype Machine to work with us on bringing great artists in front of tens of thousands of music fans!

Happy browsing, 
your friends at Record Bird

by Andreas Mahringer, Co-Founder & CEO, Record Bird
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