Job VS Career

Everyone wants a job, but a job is not a career. There is a big difference between the two. Today you are about to find out what’s the difference and why your thinking is key to obtaining employment that gives you a better quality of life.

Hi, my name is Tanya and I run my own staffing and recruiting business. I have been staffing and recruiting since 2011 and I love it. I got into this business because I always love helping others achieve their goals and one goal that everyone has is landing that perfect job. Yep, I said the word job because people that come to me ask me to help them find a job. I never have anyone ask me to find them a career and the two are just simply different.

I know you are probably saying to yourself what’s the difference, if I find a job, I will have a career. That is so untrue. I had to learn the hard way that a job and career are not the same. When you land a job, you land just that a job. When you land a career, you land a career. I want you to really pay attention to what I am saying because this information can make a big difference in what you are trying to achieve. It does not matter how old or young you are. It’s all in your thinking and how you implement your thoughts into action.

So, you want to land a job, then that’s what you will land. People that want a job they will post their resume and apply to anything. Their resume will have all the jobs that they have ever worked, and it has nothing to do with the jobs they are applying for. I found that those resumes will not go far. Resumes with no objective will only get a glance. An employer wants to know who you are before they speak with you. They want an idea of what you want, where you are going and what you are trying to achieve. They basically want a story. A What, who when and where.

Let’s get into the difference between a job and career. There is nothing wrong with either choice is completely viable, it just depends on what you want. Like I said earlier it depends on your thinking, your mindset will play key factors in job or career.

let us explore the difference now and you decide on what you’re really seeking when it comes to obtaining employment.


Job: Contract work, some benefits, hourly wage, no raises or promotions. In some cases, you may get an increase and that may be due to the state has a mandatory pay increase.

Career: Retirement plans, benefits that you can chose for yourself and family, pay raises, promotions and even bonuses. A career you can grow.

Growth and Development:

Job: short term not looking for longevity, no growth, some jobs you do the same thing over and over very repetitive and you may not learn anything new.

  • Career: Advancement, you learn new things, you look for change and growth. you feel accomplished and take pride in your work. Careers make you feel great about yourself, self-worth and a better quality of life.

these are just a few of the difference between the two. I want you to learn the difference and obtain a career. If you want to learn more, you can follow IRecruit-MD on FB, Twitter, IG and TikTok.

Thank you for reading and subscribing. I look forward to writing more that will help each and everyone of my readers.




Thank you for stopping pass and taking a 3–10 min read of my stories. I am recruiter who started a staffing and recruiting coming in 2017.

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Tanya Cole-Lennon

Tanya Cole-Lennon

Thank you for stopping pass and taking a 3–10 min read of my stories. I am recruiter who started a staffing and recruiting coming in 2017.

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