Control Your Career Like a Boss(Babe): Summary of Resources

recruitHER was proud to partner with #bossbabesatx to offer our first workshop, “Control Your Career Like a Boss(Babe),” which sold out in 20 minutes (!).

In this post, we summarize the resources discussed during the workshop so that attendees and others can empower themselves to take control of their own careers. Speakers were Ashley Doyal (@ashley_doyal, recruitHER) and Gina Helfrich, PhD (@ginahelfrich, recruitHER).

NB: Resources are often specific to the Austin area.

The Statistics: Women in Tech + Business

The Research: Unconscious Bias, Stereotype Threat, Impostor Syndrome

Unconscious Bias:

Stereotype Threat:

Impostor Syndrome:

Vision & Goals

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Worksheets: LuluLemon Vision & Goals

Describe Your Perfect (Work)Day:
(Exercise suggested by Dr. Shannan Palma)

What time do you want to get up? What do you eat for breakfast? What do you want to wear? Are you inside or outside? How many people are in your office/on your team? Do you work mostly alone, or collaboratively, or some of both? Is your work customer-facing? Do you focus on one thing all day or do you switch between different activities? Do you want the freedom to set your work priorities, or do you prefer more guidance/mentorship? …etc.

Be as detailed as possible.

Navigating Your Job Search

Continuing Ed: Khan Academy,, Learn to Code Resources, Coursera, Skillfeed, edX

Creating Content: Use Storify to curate stories from Twitter after live-tweeting events or participating in Twitter chats.

Freelance Platforms:
Upwork (general freelancing platform: recently acquired Elance), Guru (general freelancing platform), Fiverr (general freelancing platform, projects start at $5), PeoplePerHour (design-specific), Textbroker (for freelance writers), 99Designs (design-specific), (web development, SEO, mobile apps)

Cover Letter & Resume Help:
The Muse’s Pain Free Cover Letter Builder + The Muse’s Headshot How-To + The Muse’s Guide to Informational Interviews

Networking: Pre-Networking Event Prep for Introverts

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