recruitHER I July 2015-July 2016
Jul 27, 2016 · 2 min read

Friends, partners + colleagues:

This is hard.

As of today, recruitHER will be closed for business. While recruitHER succeeded in empowering diverse professionals and tech companies, we were unable to make it financially viable.

Just over a year ago, we launched recruitHER with a passion to make tech more inclusive and diverse. Since then, we’ve empowered thousands of professionals with research-based advice on how to advance their careers. We’ve heard from many folks in our community that our guidance has enabled them to secure significant raises and negotiate higher starting salaries, helping to close the persistent gender wage gap. We’ve worked with forward-thinking tech companies to educate their teams on best practices to promote inclusion and diversity, and we’ve highlighted partner companies who are truly working hard to serve as models for what an inclusive tech company should look like. Working on behalf of our wonderful community is what always made recruitHER so meaningful and fulfilling.

Although our journey with recruitHER is ending, we continue to be passionate advocates for inclusion, diversity, and equality in tech and business. As always, our goal is to pay it forward and to make things easier for those who tread a similar path. We look forward to sharing more about the lessons we’ve learned as first-time founders and our strategy for tackling this significant career shift for ourselves. Though we’re sad to close this chapter, we’re confident that the future holds exciting things!

We hope you’ll stay in touch with us:

Thank you so much for being part of our community. We wish you the very best.


Ashley Doyal & Gina Helfrich
Co-founders, recruitHER


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recruitHER is a women-owned diversity recruiting firm committed to supporting underrepresented groups in tech.

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