Find talent with the perfect banner adds automated Google Display Advertising

Amsterdam, July 6 2017 — Today, takes its next step in disrupting the online recruitment world by offering fully automated Google Display banners for recruitment campaigns. This feature positions as the first company capable of using Google Display to find and attract talent, making our digital recruitment campaigns more efficient and goal oriented.

The difficulty of filling a vacancy
The IT sector is notoriously difficult for finding talent. Recent reports from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) show that one in four IT companies are struggling to fill development roles. This is highlighted by the fact only 8% of all developers are actively looking for a new position. A shortage of workers across all sectors is supported by data released in the HR Trends 2017–2018 Report. More than half (56%) of all employers are experiencing difficulties with the recruitment and selection of new employees. It is expected that these numbers will increase even further if no new ways are found to reach talent.

The right message at the right moment
“Most companies still use the traditional job advertising channels. It’s not surprising that 25% of these have problems with recruiting IT talent”, says Lars Wetemans, CEO of “We offer our clients a new way to reach talent, especially the huge number of passive job seekers, through drawing attention for job vacancies in unexpected channels, like YouTube or apps.” This is important in a market where 80% of all talent is interested in a new job, but not actively searching for one. With programmatic advertising and the addition of Google Display, clients of can reach 90% of all internet users with their job vacancies. This enables them to create very specific recruitment campaigns that also reaches passive talent.

The best performing banners is officially a partner of Google and has automated the creation of display banners for online recruitment marketing in collaboration with Google.”Google Partners, like, have completed in-depth training courses covering creating, managing, measuring and optimizing Google Display campaigns. On completion of the training they took certification exams to receive the official Google Partner badge”, says Todd Rowe, Managing Director, Google Marketing Solutions. 
The Google Display technology creates dynamic recruitment advertisements, based on the best performing banners from the past, which are directly ready to use. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the best performing colours, visuals and texts are recognized for every job title. The banners can be edited manually, but are automatically created using the corporate identity of a company and using the best performing job title. The banners are also continuously A/B tested and the resulting analysis is used to automatically optimize them. With the introduction of this feature clients of can easily and cost efficiently create perfect job banners, which will be shown to the right audience through hypertargeting.

The Amsterdam based startup, founded in 2016, helps companies with creating and executing smart recruitment campaigns. The technology company has developed a platform utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reach (passive) top talent through online advertisement on media channels they often and actively use. became Sprout Startup of the Year 2016, and received an investment of 2 million euros in March. Meanwhile the growing company has almost 50 employees and a portfolio of clients like Randstad, and KFC. The technology is now available in more than 10 languages in 25+ countries.

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