Red Lanterns White paper

One of the natural human needs is the existence of harmonious sexual life. In most cases a person gets sexual experience by himself/herself through trials and errors just hesitating to consult sexologists and psychologists. Internet is overflooded with easy accessed materials and media, but are they quality and verified?

The answer is obvious. It results in to too early sexual life, unprotected sex, unwanted pregnancy, abortions and spread of serious diseases. RL team believes that the best way to solve the issues of sexual awareness is to consult with experienced specialists. It becomes possible with the help of new application called Red Lanterns targeted to create a platform for information interchange and provide a tool for searching qualified experts; it has a transparent model of reputation building for every user and mutual payments and educatory content.

In order to get more information on RL, please, get familiar with the project’s white paper. It contains all the details on RL and describes its potential. The white paper covers:

— advantages of the service and the features which make it unique

— roadmap, which gives the full picture of the project’s realization

— crowdsale and token issuing as a way of investment

— market data

With the help of RL application the team hopes to overcome such a global problem as sexual ignorance. We are aimed at raising the quality of life and solving such dilemmas as inability to get basic sexual education anonymously, difficulties in getting narrow-focused specialized knowledge and skills, and distortion of sexual education. To see or download RL white paper click here

With your help and support we can optimize RL and make it better!

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