Hack your marketing digital strategy today

Enough is enough. Start now.

I empathize with business owners who want to DIY their digital or online marketing.

It’s not easy to start — because when you Google ‘digital marketing’, you end up with information overload.

A lot of the good advice come with some ‘pricing plan’ attached. ‘Sign up’, or ‘subscribe’, to proceed. That turns me off.

So how about I share 3 simple things you can do today? Read on. (Note: This is advice for first-timers.)

#1 Put your business on the map

A big part of SEO is making yourself easy to find in Google.

If you sell wedding dresses in London, you want people to find you when they search (you guessed it): ‘wedding dress london’.

And to be easy to find in Google basically means, you’ve got to make Google love you.

One of the things you can do is tell Google where you are located. Why? Because if Google knows your location, you become relevant to local searches.

Google’s job, what it loves to do, is provide users with accurate and relevant search results.

So if users from London or near London are using Google to find wedding dresses, Google would love it to show companies selling or renting dresses within that geographic location—in its search results.

So it’s really important that you put your company on the map.

What doesn’t help

  • Having a website doesn’t put you on the map.
  • Putting your address on your website doesn’t put you on the map.
  • Having a mobile app doesn’t put you on the map.
  • Buying ads also doesn’t put you on the map.


To put your business on the map, visit the GMB page. GMB, or Google My Business, is a free and simple to use service by Google.

Registering with GMB would allow Google to pinpoint your business location on the Google Maps service.

If you successfully complete all the steps here, then you’ve put yourself on the map. Bravo!

How cool is that? You don’t have to spend a dime to upgrade your digital strategy…