My reply became too long so I’m going to try and be concise.
Lisa Sabre

Thank you for telling me how I am supposed to live my life! Oh this gave me such a chuckle. Do you have children? This reads like someone who is so sweetly innocent about how things work once one becomes a parent. Much like the original comment in this thread, I encourage you to print this out and read it again in the future, maybe after you’ve been a parent for 6 months.

How is eating outside with pollution more harmful than just breathing? Are you saying that I should stay sequestered in my house with the windows closed and the air purifiers on until … when, exactly? (You’re also quite presumptuous in where I live — I might live in a rural area.)

And thank you for telling me how to be responsible with my children’s eating schedule! My baby eats every 2-3 hours or so. So every errand should be done within that amount of time? Including transportation to and from, I have about an hour to do my errands? Might it be bad for the air if I’m going back and forth multiple times rather than just doing one outing to get everything done at once?

I don’t think every business should cater to me and my baby beyond the fact that it is legal for me to breastfeed wherever I am allowed to be. Having a nursing lounge is a use of quite a bit of space without necessarily that many people using it. I’m more than happy to sit just about anywhere to nurse my baby. Besides, having a petition in my town means that there would only be lounges in my town and then they wouldn’t be there until my baby is in elementary school (if not middle school), so that doesn’t do me any good right now, while my baby is hungry.

I agree with you about the fact that air pollution is an issue, but when you present it in the way you did, you are not going to win over any converts. Please kindly tell my country’s President while you’re at it, since it appears he wants to gut our EPA.

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