Credits Blockchain audited by Red4Sec

We are delighted to announce that the security audit of Credits Blockchain Platform consensus and transport protocols code has been completed. The security is of the utmost importance for Credits, the team has conducted source code review process in order to improve the level of platform’s security and analyse the state of the audited source code following Red4Sec recommendations.

Credits and Red4Sec has started cooperation in June. Security audit was divided intothe following parts:

  1. Analysis and review of Credits source code.
  2. Conclusion and recommendations for Credits developers team.
  3. Review of the progress of vulnerabilities elimination.

We acknowledge that CREDITS team is focused on improving the security of its platform. After the initial security audit, four of six detected vulnerabilities were solved, the remaining two are not critical and are in progress.

Consensus and transport protocols of Credits Platform are unique developments undergoing patenting at the moment. Therefore it is not possible to publish full security report at the moment, however we can assure you that Credits team is dedicated to ensuring the highest security level possible.

Credits and Red4Sec are committed to work further on enhancing the security of the disruptive blockchain solution.

Red4Sec is a business initiative, formed by experts and security analysts with many years of experience in the Cybersecurity sector.