DNC’s Apocalypse Now: Bernie Supporters are Mad as Hell and They Should Be

There is a fight going on in Philadelphia and to many it seems to be nonsense. Nothing but the shouting and ongoing droll of Bernie-Bros, passionate and idealistic fools, or lazy millennials that are still living in Occupy Wall Street fairy tail land. They are all crack pots that should be ashamed for not following the will of the party and of the majority! But why are they fighting? Why is there such unrest when the Democratic National Convention should be a place of celebration? For the DNC’s part they did, ironically, build a dystopian like fence/wall around the perimeter, Trump style, to keep the protests at bay. This wall that is supposed to protect order and political normalcy but it may very well be the lingering symbol of a real political apocalypse for the DNC.

Wasn’t the RNC supposed to be the madhouse?

In the mind of many Bernie supporters and delegates, the nomination and potential presidency was stolen from them. The opposition, establishment, and media may call them sore losers or in Sarah Silverman’s case “ridiculous” but they have a point and should be heard. After all these are the same people that will help decide who the next President will be. Their votes still matter right?

While it is true that Hilary has won the nomination, it does not put to rest many of the legitimate concerns Bernie supporters and progressives have. Casting them out or silencing them through shouts of “NO TRUMP”, “UNITY”, and “SUPREME COURT”, taking signs away (1), or in some cases, actually having people thrown out or barred (2 & 3), doesn’t not alleviate those concerns and only serves to agitate and legitimize them. It’s not just the fact that she does not share many of the same views as Bernie but also comes off as severely entitled, unlike-able, phony, and potentially corrupt.

Tensions and outrage have gotten so bad that many delegates are outright leaving, joining the protest outside, or having silent sit-ins at the media tent. (4 & 5) Many pledging to leave the Democratic Party completely.

At it’s heart this situation is indicative of the systematic issues with a restricting two-party system but that is the system we all must work with for the time being and it doesn’t change the fact that there are many problems with Hilary’s policies and judgement.

How about some examples:

She has many Wall Street/Corporate ties either directly or though the secretive Clinton Foundation and has used Super PACs. Even courting Bush donors (5). Is she really going to want to reverse Citizen’s United and Glass-Steagall if these policies have helped her get elected and could be used to get her re-elected in the future? And she still refuses to publish her Wall-Street speech transcripts. (6) Basically the face of the establishment.

Even better, she has very hawkish foreign policy, especially concerning the Middle East, see War in Iraq and Libya/Benghazi. Many of these policies, to progressives’ dismay, line up with conservatives. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say she’ll want to continue things like unmanned drone strikes, mass surveillance, and the like.

Her default preference seems to be for action. People have described her as having a preference for being ‘caught trying.’ She’d rather do something and be criticized for it than be criticized for doing nothing at all. — Elizabeth Saunders (7)

She has shown bad decision making. Such as handling classified documents on her own private email server, which at worst it is a federal crime/treason or massive incompetency at best. Both are pretty unpresidential.

It has been proven through the DNC email leaks, that the DNC was actively helping HRC, or at the very least, trying to slow down Bernie through the entire primary process including scheduling a low amount of debates at unconventional times. One DNC representative even went as far as calling Bernie’s religion into question and wonder if that could be used against him. (8) While Hilary may not have been giving the orders, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS) was and she has many direct ties to HRC. And this is the suppose to be the Democratic Party! The leaks also confirm potential FEC Fraud, cover-ups, and collusion with the media. (Hey, at least there are perks for being a great fundraiser.) (9)
Hilary then immediately hires DWS to her campaign, right after DWS resigns from being Chairman of the DNC after those same emails are released! (10)

She insists she’s a political outsider even though she has been a part of the Washington D.C. machine for over 25 years now, including holding the little known position of Secretary of State.

She also helped lead a coup in Honduras. (11)
While in the Senate Clinton supported the big banks in New York by changing bankruptcy laws that hurt regular citizens. (12) Well at least she went to Wall Street and told them to, “cut it out!”.

Hilary supported Bill’s 1994 incarceration bill by calling minority teens “Super Predators”. Implying that they were a generation of guilt- and compassion-free sociopaths who, had to be contained. “We have to bring them to heel.” Will she support true justice system reform?

She has yet to denounced TPP. (13)

Stated that single-payer healthcare (aka Mediare-For-All) will “never, ever come to pass”, while taking millions from the Healthcare industry.

That includes $11.2 million from the sector when Clinton was a senator and $2 million from health industry sources during her 2016 presidential campaign.(14)

Seems pretty sold on fracking. (15)

Wants a no-fly zone in Syria (16), which would have savvier International consequences.

Not to mention the lopsidedness of super delegates (17), which was so pronounced that the rules have been changed for…after this election. (18) Then there’s the voter fraud and election machine issues (19) and it is hard to imagine why there wouldn’t be protests.

All in all, not very inspiring for progressives.

It’s not just about stopping Trump. It’s about the integrity of our political system and country. Some feel that voting for Hilary is giving her and the DNC a free pass for all that’s conspired above. Whether true or not, some feel she is just as bad as Trump, and is in direct opposition of everything that Bernie has stood for.

After all this are they supposed to take her and the party at their word? The platform might be more progressive now but who’s to say how it will look next week or in January if she does, in fact, take the White House.

The deck was stacked this whole time and Bernie still came within ~6% of being the nominee. That is truly incredible and a testament to the moment he has created, but it’s also is a kick in the teeth. His supporters have every right to be pissed. This means Hilary will need to earn their vote. They are not going to just give it to her because they’ve voted blue before, or because Bernie has conceded, or the fact that Trump is running. Until Hilary, her staff, and the DNC figure this out, the protests are going to continue. The fight for the heart and soul of the party will continue.

To all the Bernie Supporters,

Bernie has fought tooth and nail for the progressive movement and this Political Revolution. He may have lost this unfair battle but he’s made incredible progress in igniting progressives all around the county to continue fighting the war. He knew the odds all along and instead of focusing all his energies on just the presidency, he has used this campaign to build an immense political network. This network will be leveraged into progressive wins in all levels of government all around the country. He wants to maintain the momentum started while keeping whatever wins he has gotten on Hilary’s platform. Unfortunately, that requires sacrificing the nomination. Don’t hold that against him.

He has repeatedly stated that it is up to all of us to continue fighting for the same progressive ideas so that we can fundamentally change this country for the better. We all need to continue to fight towards progress and true unity and not let these road blocks stop us. This revolution has just started.


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