Red Rock Entertainment: film financing — a lucrative route for investors

The film production industry is one of the most profitable fields to invest money in. Why? Because the 21st century is a golden age of epic films, mind-blowing TV series and documentaries that change hearts and minds. Nowadays, it’s easier to create a film that will pay off than it was 15 years ago. The film financing industry is becoming less risky for investors every year and more people are getting involved into it. The most dependable and easy way to become a part of the film making process and gain your profit is to collaborate with film investment companies like Red Rock Entertainment.

Fundraising for films isn’t something extraordinary. In general, it is based on the same principles as any other investment business. The fact that filmmaking is an art shouldn’t make you think that film investment is riskier or unpredictable. That’s why Hollywood producers can afford themselves to take this risk and spend $100 million dollars on a superhero or a military action film.

But, some films fail! Yes, they do. And the main reason is connected with the incorrect advertising and poor quality PR. That’s why it’s important to keep your eyes open. So, to avoid investing in unprofitable films, it’s better to collaborate with the film producing companies.

Red Rock Entertainment: get acquainted with the trusted group of British film investors

Red Rock Entertainment Ltd founded by Gary Collins is a trusted UK-based film investing company. It’s raising funds for TV shows, short and full-length films in the UK. Red Rock Entertainment, as a group of executive producers, works in conjunction with the film making companies and supports films and TV shows that need final financing to be produced.

Red Rock Entertainment was the executive producer for more than a dozens of successful films. Involved in projects all over the world, the company also provided funding to films in Canada, Italy and other countries in Europe and North America.

The most known films are:

Stanley, A Man of Variety — directed by Stephen Cookson and also known as The Special One;

The Comedian’s Guide to Survival — British-Canadian comedy written by James Mullinger released in 2016;

London Heist- directed by Mark Mcqueen starring Craig Fairbrass released in 2017.

That Good Night — a drama filmed in Italy and written by N. J. Crisp starring Sir John Hurt;

Ibiza Undead — directed by Andy Edwards.

Boats ’N’ Bikes, directed by Sebastian Lyte.

Heretiks, directed by Paul Hyett starring Rosie Day

Tell Tale Heart — directed by Stephen Cookson Starring Steven Berkoff.

The Stolen — Western film written by Niall Johnson and Emily Corcoran;

Madness In The Method — comedy crime film written by Dominic Burns and Chris Anastasi;

Genesis — sci-fi action film directed and written by Freddie Hutton-Mills and Bart Ruspoli.

Red Rock Entertainment also provides funding to short-length films. Such films presented on a festival are the best chance for young writers and directors to become famous. They can share their ideas and abilities to a wide audience of professional filmmakers and find support for bigger projects such as full-length films. Also, it is an opportunity for investment companies to get long-term and profitable contracts with ambitious film directors.

The information about each project is open to investors. All the funds are directly sent to filming companies involved in the production process. And Red Rock Entertainment provides the investors with the opportunity to observe all the stages of the film production process. Nothing is hidden. Furthermore, Red Rock Entertainment helps investors to dive into the filmmaking process: ‘how it actually works?’ ‘how to recognize which film or TV show will gain more and which one will probably fail?’, etc. All these aspects are very important for an executive producer and this knowledge helps to wisely invest money and improve the quality of new films and TV projects.

For this reason, Red Rock Entertainment Ltd regularly invites investors and producers to seminars. There the company shares their knowledge and helps investors see clearly the whole situation around the film production industry.

Which film genre is the most profitable?

There is no magic pill. The film production industry in changing every year. A film that is popular today may fail if it is presented a few years later. If the audience is fed up with the military and history films, they may be looking for sci-fi films and comedies, And vice versa.

Budgeting is another thing. Every new film requires more and more money. Computer graphic effects aren’t cheap and if made by well-known professionals — they cost a lot. But, this makes a modern film closer to the reality and helps to involve the audience as spectators of a real occasion. People will be ready to pay more per ticket if going to the cinema turns into an unforgettable experience.

Each film has the potential to gather the audience. It’s the quality of the image, the idea behind the script, the passion of actors playing the roles and the dedication of the production film, but not the genre, determine the success of the film production cost. The more you invest (finances, effort and love), the better return you receive.