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Google the most corrupt presidents. Time and again, you get the same list: Reagan, Nixon, Harding, Grant. To be honest half the time you get Old Democrat Andrew Jackson added on the end — a president who was famous for the ‘Spoils System’ back when it wasn’t illegal — and who left office 179 years ago after making the Dems the Establishment Party in the Ante Bellum Period. [So, I think Jackson can be ignored as a valid exception to the rule.]What is it about the GOP that it seems to attract the crookedest incumbent presidents? In any case, get ready, it sounds like Donald Trump will set a new standard for infamy.

Right now and for the next 2 years until the Dems can get the upper hand in both houses of Congress, nothing can be done about appointing a Special Counsel to deal with Trump’s corruption and making it stick. After that, look out. Most of an administration could go down like ten pins to impeachment for the first time in American history, followed by a new president of the opposing party due to succession of a Dem Speaker of the House taking office. Can Trump really be that stupid and overconfident, to get in that position?

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