Dear White People, Blacks Can’t be Racists. And You Saying So Proves Your Logic of Racism
Ezinne Ukoha

This is great, thanks for being honest and not holding back. I agree with most of what your saying. Mostly because of having non-white children. It showed me a lot. Things I didn’t know that I was doing that where racist suddenly became bright as day. A white person has no perspective on another races perspective, especially someone of African heritage inherently. We have to learn it. We have to seek to understand and move forward.

…”They also have no idea what racism entails because they’ve never had to fight to survive the war raging against their most primal makeup.”

Simply isn’t true. Every white homosexual knows exactly what this feels like.

I wonder if a white convicted felon innocent of the crime convicted would have empathetic feelings? Or perhaps a perspective that could achieve more hope and compassion than you seem to be saying is possible.

Also, this kind of leaves us white parents of mixed race children with nothing. Your basically saying I will have no knowledge of my, “not all white” son’s struggle. I will have no empathy or compassion for my own children because they are have “not white”. This simply isn’t true, in the broadest sense. In a narrow sense, well yes, no one person knows exactly what another one person is going through.

The life reality of , “Surrounded on all sides by every aspect of society with the undertone of, you are hated and really should be dead.”

By the very fact I am typing it, indicates some personal knowledge of this perspective. The end of your post seemed very hopeless, I don’t think that is true. There is plenty that is permanently changing for the better. Statistically speaking, something like 30% of the current African American population has European in their DNA. Also interracial marriages and mixed heritage children is literally breeding the issue out in less than 50 years.

My final point, I am not 100% white, I am not black but I also am not completely white. Native Americans had to fight this most primal war against their make up. They lost…

I am Norwegian, Portuguese(not white), Irish, Cherokee Native Tribe (also not white), German…..but mostly, everyday I am just a simple human being attempting to be my true self and trying my best to understand those around me and have compassion.

I wish you the best, your post was amazing, I LOVE the honesty and pure emotion.

And we will never like each other enough to make it work. So where does that leave us?”

The first part statistically just isn’t true. It leaves us with a dialogue, a conversation about our perspectives that is the beginning of moving towards change. Ultimately the calm perseverance to listen to the pain of another person, care about that pain and choose a better way to move forward together is the only thing we have left.

Nowhere. And that’s exactly where we should stay.

I disagree, and so does he…

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools”

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.”


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