I see You

All That Happens Must Be Known
Boston Bombing

How would you feel if you were given the opportunity to explore the Seven Wonders of the World or even climb Mt Everest, all from the comfort of your home or from wherever else you may be? In the book The Circle by Dave Eggers you can do just that.
Eamon Bailey one of the three wise men of the circle invented the See Change camera a small, undetectable, non-stationary if applicable, wireless video device the shape and size of a lollipop. It also has lithium battery that lasts two years and is waterproof, sand proof, wind and animal proof everything proof. Mr. Baileys Motto is: All that Happens Must Be Known. No longer do you have to wonder. “Instead of searching the web only to find some edited video with terrible quality, now you go to See Change. Want to see MT Fiji but can’t get there? See Change. Want to check on your kids at school? See Change. This is the ultimate transparency no filter. See everything. Always.” The debates on this issue are that, some people believe, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about. Surveillance cameras prevent crimes from happening, if you know a camera is there you will be less apt to commit a crime and the cameras are there to provide evidence if a crime is caught on camera. That’s exactly what happened on April 15th during the Boston Marathon where two terrorist detonated two Bombs. The FBI took over the investigation and released video surveillance and photographs of the two suspects. The FBI stated “The security cameras footage and the photos from bystanders were considered a Turning point in the investigation, leading to the subsequent manhunt and investigation.’’ http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2013/04/boston_bomber_photos_the_marathon_bombing_shows_that_we_need_more_security.html . The Huffington Post credits surveillance cameras for solving seven chilling crimes. The murder of Leiby Kletzky, the abduction of Carlesha Gaither and the assault of two men in Philadelphia.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/10/chilling-crimes-caught-on-camera_n_6357324.html. The opposition ,The American civil Liberties Union states that “ In England where there are so many public cameras, they have stop keeping count. Incidents of violent crimes have risen since the network has been installed.” One of the biggest studies of the camera system was done in London. 420,000 cameras can track people across the city. The findings were that impulsive crimes e.g. (alcohol related crimes) were not reduced, while premeditated crimes e.g. (automobile thefts) went down. Violence against people rose. They believed, the more effective route would be more street lighting. The overall conclusion was to determine if they would add more street lights to reduce the fear of crime for the public or add more cameras to provide valuable evidence for the police. Mae a worker at the circle decided to go kayaking, which she often did, but this time it was after hours. She decided to use a kayak that was left behind by the previous user, while all the time debating whether using it would be considered borrowing or an act of theft( pg265). Mae getting caught caused a problem, because she committed a selfish act by not sharing her experience. At the circle “Sharing is Caring. Privacy Is Theft and Secrets Are Lies”(pg. 305). Bailey asked Mae, “Would you have behaved differently if you’d known about the See Change cameras at the Marina?” “Yes” “Okay. How?” “I wouldn’t have done what I did.” “And why not?” “Because I would’ve been caught.” (Pg.282). Another concern are privacy issues. Jennifer Lynch, an attorney at the frontier foundation an internet based liberty group states, “We would like to think we have some privacy in our lives that we could go places that we don’t necessarily want the government to know about. What concerns me is if all of those cameras get linked together and if at some point we apply facial recognition on the back end, we will be able to track people wherever we go.http://www.cnn.com/2013/04/26/tech/innovation/security-cameras-Boston-bombings/.

Bailey believes in that through transparency "It's about affecting change through our ability to see and hold the world accountable”(pg67) “I agree with the Hague, with human rights activists the world over. There needs to be accountability. Tyrants can no longer hide. There needs to be, and will be access and documentation, and we need to bear witness. And to this end, I insist that all that happens must be known” (pg68). Dave Eggers reminds us that while our technological advances are extraordinary. They may one day, get the best of us.