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Week #1 at full speed!

You know the feeling of looking forward to the new year?

Well, that was the spirit at Red Brick Accelerator. We entered a new decade with enormous enthusiasm, simply impatient to see 2020 start. New goals for the years, new incubation model about to be implemented and most importantly new startup ideas to join the program!


In the spirit of testing & validation, we introduced a new incubation model that is now 12-weeks long (previously 6 weeks) and 2 different phases of it. The journey is now longer, the support stronger and goals higher.


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Fall batch ‘19

Red Brick coaching program just kicked-off with introduction of new startup heroes. Good energy, enthusiasm and ambition-driven teams were surely highlights of the first program day. This 6-week long journey will take teams through intensive but rewarding guidance full of hands-on support and individual coaching.

This batch counts 10 teams in total, but individually they are:

AGLI — a bit ugly and funny socks.

PI — palm size portable renewable generator for mobiles, watches & tabs.

BALANCE POINT METHOD — app for improving health through movement choreography.

PIKADEV — recruitment platform for software developers.

3D PRINTING CERAMICS — CSL technology to revolutionize ceramics materials fabrication.

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5 reasons to apply to Red Brick Accelerator

If you are a team located in Tampere region (or elsewhere in Finland, but ready to relocate to Tampere for a while or for good) and you have that brilliant business idea you have been working on, then fasten your seat belts! 2019 is coming and it is going to be a kick-ass year for startup community.

It is not a secret that many great business ideas die out due to lack of proper support. Bad news is it can be really frustrating experiencing that. …

Mirza Sagdati

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