me.mento 3D CEO Tobias Platte talks about the world‘ s first interactive
erotic VR platform

The idea behind the business model of me.mento is fascinating on many levels: Thecompany combines current topics like cryptocurrency but also VR technology with adult entertainment content.
Because we receive so many different questions from the community, we have collected the most exciting ones and asked our very own CEO Tobias Platte to answer them.

Tobias, the erotic market is probably a new territory for many investors. Why is this industry a growing market?

CEO of me.mento: Tobias Platte

When you exclude the topic of online and 3D, we are dealing with the oldest trade in the world in a certain way. In recent years, the areas of film and live chat have developed the most in terms of sales. In other words, the user wants to get in contact with the stars from the erotic world. In the USA 15,000 films are produced annually for the porn industry, earning around 15 billion dollars. This is the largest part of the $97 billion industries value.
To make it concrete for readers, online porn portals currently account for the largest share of sales in Germany. The “xhamster” site alone has 70 million visitors per month. Thus users are already very familiar with the online erotic world. The recent meteoric rise of the online retailers and Amorelie showed that the market has considerable potential. On the other hand, DVDs and video libraries are a marginal phenomenon.

What are the trends in the industry?

Actually, everything happens online. Last year Stephan Grünewald of the Rheingold Institute in Cologne confirmed that virtual reality will empower the growth of the erotic industry enormously. Furthermore the branch has lost its “grubby image”. A vibrator is a lifestyle and design product. Already in 2010 market researchers at Ipsos discovered that for almost 70 percent of Germans, sex toys are no longer a taboo, but part of their lifestyle. Not only sex toys are a part of everyday life, but also online porn portals. Thus, there is no inhibition threshold against further innovations. It is rather the case that users are looking for new experiences. The lived out sexuality covers all segments from the toy, the chat up to the virtual reality. The industry is also subject of a constant change. Once the VHS cassette helped to make a breakthrough. Now there will be the next technical revolution: VR glasses.

What is the idea behind the business idea?

vrXcity is a virtual world in which erotic content is available to all users worldwide. Anyone who owns VR glasses can take a look at international erotic stars, touch and interact with them. That is what makes our product special. Furthermore, users can produce erotic content themselves and make it available for others. The whole thing is called Social-VR and is one of the most important future trends. With our services everyone can build an own erotic world, in a way the user likes it.

Why did you decide on an ICO — so against a classic finance modell — and for the redBUX token?

vrXcity is an worldwide product with international stars. Meanwhile we have taken this global orientation into consideration for our capital procurement. ICO enables us to attract investors worldwide and raise international asset for an international vrXcity. To the question about the redBUX token: Our erotic stars and also the visitors of vrXcity can earn money with us. To make this possible, we need a blockchain-based billing and our own token. With Smart-Contracts we can offer this: anonymous, secure and fast.

What are the advantages for investors?

Anyone who invests in and purchases the redBUX token within pre-sales or main sales benefits from a staggered bonus system. The low entry price can be used to spend the redBUX in vrXcity or at any other acceptance points. Alternatively, the investor can keep his redBUX and sell it later via the crypto exchanges to other users who need the currency to visit vrXcity.

What can you say about the impairment of the redBUX?

On the one hand, investors benefit from the attractive bonus program during the ICO. On the other hand the currency will be needed later on our platform. According to the forecasts, we will have 200,000 new users per month who need the redBUX as an access requirement and use it to pay in vrXcity. Consequently, the demand for the token will increase and at best its value as well. Furthermore, the number of acceptance points will constantly increase, which is conducive to the liquidity of the redBUX.

What are the project’s largest USPs?

The special thing about vrXcity are the erotic stars: Not just watching, but interacting with the stars. The technology behind vrXcity, newly developed by us, is also unique. So far our concept and the product are unrivalled worldwide. Furthermore, the currency is immediately accepted by our partners in the erotic industry — currently already 6,000 acceptance points.
One of our partners, for example, is Wicked Pictures, one of America’s largest film studios.

What would be the steps to participate in the ICO as an investor?

Of course every interested investor should inform himself or herself about the market and the technology. We provide all necessary information on the officla redBUX and memento 3D website, including a white paper (D/EN). Currently, we are running the pre-sale where already more than 2.5bn tokens (worth more than 24M Euro), have been claimed.
For questions, we also provide a whole series of social media channels where interested parties can post their questions. We will contact you as soon as possible and take care for it.

Tobias, thank you very much for the interview.

Got interested? If you want to know more about ICO or participate in the pre-sale, just visit our webpage !

me.mento 3D, a company from Berlin, is an international first mover in the area of virtual reality (VR) and adult content. The company combines VR with 3D-avatars of international erotic stars. The business model is based on 700 scans of international erotic stars and a new token, for which already 6.000 acceptances authorities exist. This interview deals with insights into the market of the adult entertainment industry, as well as the company and the ICO.