4 Reasons to Expect an Open Road for Windows App Development

The app deficit in the Windows mobile platform is nothing unknown to Microsoft. Unfortunately, there were not much conscious effort taken by MS under Steve Ballmer to win over the mobile platform. Now under the leadership of Satya Nadella, some serious measures are taken to address the development apathy.

The windows app development problem is planned to be tackled by taking a different step with the introduction Windows 10. Following are just four among the various steps that MS is taking towards making their base stronger in the mobile phone industry.

The two customer segments

MS will be focusing on building solutions for two segments mainly- the general crowd with a premium flagship phone and a surface phone for the enterprise.

MS will allow seamless experience across its various devices with its unified platform for Windows phone, tablet, surface or laptop. The surface phone will be built for modern day businesses which will ensure greater security and high performance business apps for calendar management, productivity, e-mail etc.

Universal windows platform bridge
This is one great move by Microsoft. As MS is planning to release one billion devices to the market within a few years, existing code can be brought to Windows running devices through the bridge. It would mean that HTML/JavaScript, .NET & Win32, Java/C+ + and Objective-C could bring their code to the Universal Windows Platform and Windows Store. This will eliminate the additional budget and time required if companies would have to hire a Windows app developer.

The uncertainty of the platform due to frequent releases and updates during its evolution earlier is also handled, as Windows 10 will be the final version of Windows.

Enhanced discoverability

There are better opportunities of monetizing your app as Windows 10 offers a great way of targeting a wide range of customers through a common Windows store. Apart from that, MS has extended as an additional payment option, carrier billing to PCs and tablets targeting 88% of the world’s population who doesn’t use popular payment methods such as credit cards. This could in turn increase the customer base for businesses. Additionally, MS shared improved tools of monetization with developers like the Microsoft Universal Ad Client SDK.


We already know that Windows IDE, supplemented with the wide collection of tools available is undoubtedly the best platform for budding app developers. With Xamarin, windows is taking another step forward; from windows app development to cross-platform mobile app development.

By introducing Xamarin, MS is making one thing very clear — that it is definitely doing its best to become a major platform for mobile app development.

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