When your boss wants you working from home

“It is time to change, working from home will be a new trend in the technological age in the future. The efficiency of work from home workers is 13% higher than others”
Nicholas Bloom (Professor from Stanford University).

The efficiency of work from home workers is 13% higher than the others.

The phrase “home-based work” is no stranger to us now, but it is accompanied by bad looks and thoughts. Many defaults consider them to be “virtual” or fraudulent, so the society forms a common misconception about how such a job is described online.

But in fact, according to Nicholas Bloom, a professor at Stanford University, things that require the presence of office staff are outdated.

“It’s time to change, working from home will be a new trend in the technology age in the future,”
 — Nicholas told the TEDxStanford audience.

He has done a lot of research to confirm that statement. In particular, Nicholas has learned about the travel company called Ctrip. This is China’s largest travel agency based in Shanghai with over 20,000 employees, worth about $ 20 billion.

Executives know that the official price pressure in Shanghai is so red, encouraging employees to work from home. Half of Ctrip employees work from home and come to the office only once a week and the other half is usually in the office.Nicholas had been following these two groups for about two years and getting results:

“The efficiency of work from home workers is 13% higher than the others.”

Firstly, home workers can use the full amount of time in the shifts to work. Unlike being in the office, their shift may not be complete due to issues such as traffic, meals or unnecessary conversations with colleagues. Less likely to use the full time to serve the job.

Second, their focus is enhanced. Nicholas thinks that office work will make it more difficult for people to focus on work:

“Offices are really a great space to expand social relationships and understanding, but it’s not a viable business environment, and sometimes it’s so noisy to work.”

In addition, his research also found that the number of job losers in companies fell by as much as 50% if they were employed at home. “Not only can the workplace be more comfortable, working from home helps managers avoid worrying too much about costs, rents, decorations, office design, advertising, recruiting. Ctrip has saved $ 2,000 a month for every employee working at home, which means that company growth and employee rights have also increased, “Nicholas said.

These are not just actual figures as measured by experts. It is a “remedy” to eliminate negative stereotypes about home-based work. “For the staff, they work more efficiently because they are more comfortable and have higher pays.For managers, dozens of concerns are dealt with. Traffic jams, dangerous on the road. “

“A solution solves a lot of problems but does not bring many drawbacks for everyone,”

So tell me what you think about if one day, your boss would you be working home?

by Tri Thuc Tre

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