Labour: The Way Ahead
Paul Mason

Great article, Paul and some solid suggestions to make a start with.

My local council is Lambeth and is Labour. A Progress-ridden collective with little or no idea on how to exploit Labour’s strengths at a local level for the benefit of Labour at a national level by doing the ‘right thing’. I have one idea which is an attempt to solve a problem which is the bane of most with young families:

Commit a proportion of surplus funds or current budget to expanding child care provision in the borough. Set up an initial number of child care facilities for people in northern, central and southern parts of the borough. Use local FE colleges to train future child care workers and pay Union rates to those who complete the course and progress through the system.

Charge a sum that is proportionate to earnings and expand it when possible.

Why isn’t a strategy like this possible in an area that is crying out for it?