Where to build that green house you have always wanted.

Where should you position that greenhouse you have always wanted? It depends on where you live…
Newly built and ready for planting.
Plenty of room around the greenhouse means it is easier to take care of and maintain.
We began with beds inside the greenhouse, but found it too humid and wet so we took them out. You need to learn as you go.
  • consider the site — sunlight vs frost
  • Provide shelter from wind
  • Ensure theres a metre of space around your greenhouse, so you can clean and maintain it.
  • Make sure its close to amenities such as water
  • Keep it away from children’s play areas
Happy Basil enjoying the warmth of the greenhouse in Autumn.



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Eimear McNelis

Eimear McNelis

Freelance Journalist living in Gippsland, Australia. She writes for print and digital publications on topics such as travel, culture, food, homes and gardens.