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Dead Couple Found in Sacramento River

by Alan Miller

March 11, Monday

Two bodies had been washed up by Sacramento River near the city Dustin in California on Saturday, March 9th. The authorities were called by a group of children who found the bodies on the shore in early morning hours.

The Dustin Police Department had identified the dead as Amber Jackson, 35, and Larry Jillian, 32. The couple lived in San Jose and were supposedly in Sacramento to visit friends when they disappeared on the 20th of February after a night out. Therefore, the case had been assigned to the Sacramento Police Department which investigates the case as a double homicide.

According to the autopsy report, the victims had been strangled by a wire and then stabbed multiple times in the chest.

“Our best detectives have been assigned to the case. We will work diligently to find and bring whoever did [this] crime to justice,” said the SPD spokesman lieutenant James Abraham.

The victims’ families did not want to give a statement and ask for privacy from the press during their time of grief.

Sacramento River Washes Up Two Bodies

by Alan Miller

April 8, Monday

On Friday, April 5th, The Sacramento police force had been called to the city of Dustin in California when a pair of bodies was discovered washed up on the shore of the river. The bodies were identified as Albert Karan, 29, and Nina Dyotkova, 22.

According to the police report given by lieutenant James Abraham, both of the victims lived out of state and did not know each other. The autopsy report states the cause of death as strangulation by wire, followed by multiple precise stab wounds to the chest.

“My girl was a good girl. Hard working girl. She never hurt anybody,” stated Dyotkova’s mother through tears. “They better find the terrible person who did this to my daughter,” added her father.

Karan’s family did not want to give a statement.

Serial Killings on the Sacramento River

by Alan Miller

April 29, Monday

The Sacramento Police Department reports a finding of two bodies washed up on the shore of the river near Dustin on Sunday last week. The two victims were identified as Michael Mueller, 31, and Irene Bonetti, 30, both with permanent residence in Sacramento. The officials have yet to find any connection between the two victims.

The SPD made official a report advising locals of Sacramento to be wary of the possibility of a serial killer lurking down the stream of Sacramento River as this finding could be linked to two previous cases of double homicide also linked to the area.

Our magazine reported both cases, the first in early March and the second earlier this month. All reported cases involve strangulation by a delicate wire and deliberate post mortem stabbing of the victims. There was no investigation progress reported by the so far incompetent police force.

“We have no confirmation as of yet, but yes, it [is] possible these killings were carried out by the same attacker or attackers,” stated lieutenant James Abraham, spokesman for the SPD, which stays silent on details of its next steps.

The River Ghost Strikes Again

by Alan Miller

May 6, Monday

The public trembles in fear as the Sacramento Police Department reports yet another finding of two bodies by the river. This time a pair of siblings; twins Linda and Lara Haskinses, 24, were last seen on May 2nd before disappearing into the night in Sacramento.

Once again, the victims were strangled by a copper wire and then repeatedly and with thought stabbed in the chest, which seem to be the River Ghost’s trademark. The investigators are yet to find any leads or traces left behind by the killer.

The police stay unsurprisingly silent as no report or official statement have been made publish since the new finding, leaving the public to guess that no progress has been made in the investigation.

The River Ghost’s Heyday

by Alan Miller

June 3, Monday

Emily Garr, 41, and Richard Richmond, 42, top the list of victims of the Sacramento River Ghost. They had been strangled and then stabbed, repeatedly, in a neat manner, as to hold up to the killer’s infamous name.

The Sacramento Police Department made publish a report stating that “The Sacramento detectives are on a hot trail. We are holding back on publishing details of the investigation as we suspect the killer may be keeping a close eye on the media coverage of the cases.”

Many press and city officials have expressed uneasiness and are yet to express trust in the local police force as the dark cloud of the River Ghost and his wire and knife absorb the city and its people into his shadow.

Unbeknown to the police, the killer may be still walking down the stream of the river Sacramento.

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