Yet, the majority of the growth happens at the very end, and most people aren’t patient enough for the big return.
Don’t Live For The Moment. Live For The Legacy.
Brianna Wiest

I believe what has been a fad nowadays is instant gratification, because of how social media affects our circles of influence, and how it markets things, activities, or people. Because of how we see it on a daily basis with the people we follow on a daily basis, it seems like there’s a rush to also live in the moment where they are at, do what they do, have what they have. This leads people to grab the opportunity at hand, or maximize with what is at hand, and forget the value of cultivating, and the virtue that is patience. We all seem to be in the need to rush, like life is a race, when it’s not. It’s a fun run, a lifelong marathon, and nobody cares who gets first because what’s more important is to finish anyway. Instant gratification is a toxic element in our lives. It’s hard to battle, but if we conquer it, we’ll be able to live through life at a better pace, one where we don’t compete with the right timing of our life. 💕

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