How Redemption Plus design services help set you apart from competitors

Contrary to popular belief, optimized spatial design for redemption is different than retail interior designing. Unfortunately, when you work with a designer who is unfamiliar with the amusement industry, you miss out on the expertise needed to create an inviting and revenue-generating space for your redemption.

How to support profitability in these challenging times

2020 has been filled with many unknowns. With cold season looming and an unpredictable political climate it’s hard to know what the final quarter of 2020 will look like. What can you to do increase the likelihood of having profitable holiday season and start to 2021?

This month you would normally be traveling to Orlando to meet with vendors, gather ideas for the upcoming year and of course enjoy the Florida sunshine. …

Fall New Items Preview is Here!

By Megan Burtch, Redemption Plus Product Merchandiser

Now that we’ve made it through the summer season, it’s time to start thinking about refreshing your redemption space. Over the next few months, Redemption Plus will be adding more than 200 new prizes. There will be lots to choose from when you’re wanting a new look for your redemption space.

We recommend organizing and merchandising your display by prize theme. By keeping like items displayed together you create an easier shopping experience for your guests.

You can do this yourself, or incorporate new items by utilizing our proprietary Storyboards, which come with…

How your brand can help you navigate the storm

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

Each year, about this time, we write about how your business can survive the slow time of September. This is usually the time when kids go back to school, families' schedules fill up, and the weather starts to become enjoyable again (meaning people don’t want to go inside to an arcade).

This year, you’re fighting those challenges amidst the added bonus of a global pandemic… 😷 So, how do you get through this challenging time? How can you convince customers your center is not only safe but also a good family outing option?

The answer is your brand and the…

How to refresh your space without breaking the bank

There’s no doubt things look a bit different around your facility. As we all are adjusting to life after COVID shutdowns and regularly changing mandates, how can your redemption area keep up, too?

You’re probably stuck between wanting to update your stale prize assortment (because let’s face it, the same prizes have been on your wall since March) and not being able to invest in new items due to decreased budgets.

Your redemption prize selection plays a big role in making sure each guest has a great experience while at your facility. …

How post-COVID redemption trends may change your product assortment needs

As people start to venture out and return to your center, you may start to notice a difference in what prizes are getting redeemed. Order data reported our customers were buying more heavily in the 250–1,250 ticket range in May and June.

The sweet spot for redemption has always been, what we call, the “Trader” range (250–1,250 ticket items). Your assortment should already skew to have a larger percentage of items in this ticket range than any other range. In a post-COVID world, you might see a larger redemption rate for items in this ticket range. …

How to start fresh after COVID-19

There’s no doubt you are ready for things to start looking normal at your center again! Please be sure you are adhering to your local authorities and the guidelines around reopening your business and redemption area.

We have some tips for you to help you reopen your redemption area successfully and safely.

1 | Be sure you’re subscribed to our emails. 💌

We know your business has been hit hard in the last couple of months. Each week in June, we will be doing a “deal of the week” to help you lower the restart investments for redemption product.

We have other financial relief options that may be applicable to…

From our industry partner, Firestone Financial

By Sal Cifala, Senior Sales Executive

Image source: CDC

As COVID-19 continues to take hold of the country and the world, our everyday lives are impacted in ways we’ve never experienced before. While the health and well-being of you and your loved ones are probably your top priority, as a business owner you also never stop thinking about the well-being of your business. You may be at a standstill right now, but you’re also worried about the future — when the country reopens.

If you own or operate a family entertainment center or amusement route, here are some things to consider as you’re…

Sun’s Out Fun’s Out Storyboard Teaser and 4 Tips for Success

We have the perfect prizes for you to start getting your redemption area ready for the rush. But first, some Spring Break Survival Notes:

Get set up on Rapid Reorder™

Rapid Reorder is a reorder solution that streamlines your ordering process and ensures your redemption items are never out of stock. Rapid Reorder™ works with most card reader systems to automatically add redeemed merchandise to your cart for review.

What is measured is changed. It’s an axiom we learned in elementary school science class and one we prove to ourselves on a regular basis. Whether you are pushing to hit your 10,000 steps per day, logging your meals with a macro counter or tracking your expenses against your monthly budget; you know that when you measure yourself against a goal you improve your results. The same is true in business, when you measure the health of your business, you will improve its outcomes.

At Redemption Plus, we measure and set goals for typical business metrics, revenue, expenses and EBITDA…

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