Twitter Is Using Account Verification To Stifle Leaks And Promote War Propaganda
Caitlin Johnstone

Thanks for this insightful bad news from Silicon Valley. All very much in line with Evgeny Morozoff’s critiques of big Valley hegemony. Twitter also blanks out some handles, likes yours I see, when trying to reference them by autocomplete. I know yours is @caitoz but I don’t see your name show in the list. In Tweetdeck, right now, when I type in your handle it does not validate your name (not quickly away), as it does for most other accounts. In fact, when I type the whole name it displays 2 shadow accounts — your name without the “e” at the end, @caityjohnston — with the new user “egg” avatars.

So I did actually search your account in the browser (off-Twitter) to be sure I spelled your handle correctly. Looks like they do not like it when we attempt to post commentary against their war. I’ve seen this with other controversial handles, not sure if its systematic, but it slowed down my ability to post. I once had hopes Twitter could become the people’s news. As long as its a Wall Street entity, that’s impossible.

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