A Beginner’s Guide on How To Read Tarot Cards?

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Here’s a little guide that will help you feel confident when you read Tarot.

How to Read Tarot Cards?

Before starting to work with your cards it is important to know — How tarot cards work?

The answers you get from the cards can come from different sources, it can be the subconscious mind of the reader, the spirit guides of the person who is asking for the reading or a divine source.

People have always been trying to connect with the spiritual realm to gain insight and knowledge. The use of cartomancy is a good and safe way to connect with your spirit guides and get their message through.

As a tool for guidance, it can sometimes help in decision making giving you a better understanding of your life and of yourself as a person.

Note that tarot cards are based on energy reading so they are not deterministic and sometimes the reading can’t be 100% accurate.

How to Read Tarot Cards? Here’s a Basic Guide

When buying a tarot deck opt for a more colorful one that’s got clear illustrations, that way it makes it easy for you to remember the meanings of the cards and see the symbols clearly.

The traditional “Rider Waite” tarot deck is perfect for beginners to use as it’s considered a classic, standard tarot deck. Stay away from minimalist, black and white illustrations when you’re starting with tarot.

Cleansing and Charging Your Tarot Deck

There are many ways to cleanse the cards. An easy and effective way is by using incense. You can cleanse each card one by one or just the whole deck.

Before you shuffle, knock on the cards 3 times. That way you are getting rid of any previous energies attached to the cards.

Try to bond with the cards before using them for the first time, by holding the deck between your hands and focusing on charging it with your energy. Then give it a thorough shuffle. It is very important to infuse your energy into the cards.

Start Reading Tarot

Before any reading, you need to think of protection. Reading Tarot can be draining, so bring a glass of water (Don’t drink from it but pour it into the sink when you’re done with your session) and an athame (or just a sharp object). It’s also helpful to close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes holding the deck with both of your hands.

The key to being able to read tarot is to silence the mind. This will give you a strong focus on the cards to be able to hear, see and feel the messages that are delivered. Connect with the cards by looking deeply at each one noticing the details and feeling the energy of every illustration and symbol.

Avoid reading in reverse when starting out with tarot, that is when a card comes out upside down, it will be confusing and complicating. However, reversed cards usually means the complete opposite of their original meaning.

You are free to choose the method that feels right to you.

How to shuffle tarot cards?

Before shuffling the cards it is always important to get in the right state of mind and that’s by meditating for a few minutes to improve your focus. Don’t forget to ask your question and if you don’t know what to ask you can always start by asking your guides “What do I need to know today?”

Start by shuffling the cards face down the way you feel comfortable with it. As you shuffle the energy infuses into the cards to make the reading more accurate.
If you are reading for someone, ask them to put their hand on the deck while concentrating on the question, then shuffle the cards again and ask them to cut the deck in half then reassemble it.

Focus is the key to an accurate reading.

How to Choose Cards and do a Tarot Spread?

If you want to choose 1 to 4 cards, shuffle as long as you like until a card flies out of the deck after you’ve asked the question. You can also spread the cards in a fan shape faced down and then choose.

If you want to do a full reading then you need more cards. After shuffling, cut the cards into three piles, gather them in any order you like faced down and then choose your cards by laying them in turn from the top of the deck.

You can do spreads the way you prefer 6 or 12 cards for each spread by making 2 or 3 lines of four gathering the cards and then repeating.

When using a tarot spread the meaning of the cards becomes like a full text that gets clearer to read by how much you focus on the cards, the order they came to as well as their placements.

It is important to look at the meaning of each tarot card and what it symbolizes and use it as a guideline, but keep in mind that there is no right or wrong meaning to the cards, tarot is an intuitive art so it is important for the reader to rely on their intuition and trust in what they see and feel in terms of interpretation.

How to Use Tarot Cards?

There is absolutely no one way to use tarot cards the decision is personal and it varies from reader to reader. But when you are starting with tarot it might seem complicated, as 78 cards might seem a lot to work with. That’s why it is easiest to start by using the 22 major arcana cards only.

The context is important, the interpretation may vary according to the person you’re giving the reading to. Your intuition is needed because the meaning of the cards isn’t always exactly the same as the book.

Tarot is like any form of art, it takes time, study and practice.

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Red Fairy Tarot is a professional Tarot Reader and a Psychic medium. Studied Psychology as well as the Occult and Esoteric Knowledge. You can find more of her work and book a private consultation through her website, redfairytarot.com



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Red Fairy Tarot

Red Fairy Tarot


Red Fairy Tarot is a professional Tarot Reader and a Psychic medium. Studied Psychology as well as the Occult and Esoteric Knowledge https://redfairytarot.com