The Meaning of Your Life Path Number

Life path numbers starts from 1 to 9. However, there’s an exception for master numbers which are 11, 22 and 33.

Meaning of each life path number:

Life path number 1:

Are natural born leaders they seek independence and they value their alone time. They are brave and they seek adventure. Life path number 1 needs to learn to stop overthinking.

Life path number 2:

Are gentle, caring and compassionate. Others usually underestimate how strong life path number 2 is. Once you broke their trust, it’s almost impossible to get it back. Life path number 2 needs to learn to become emotionally strong.

Life path number 3:

Are charismatic, creative and good at convincing people. They are good at communication. Life path number 3 needs to recognize more others' efforts to make them happy.

Life path number 4:

Seek stability and security in their lives. They love their comfort zone and routine doesn’t bother them very much. They are usually very loyal. Life path number 4 needs to learn how to be more flexible with change.

Life path number 5:

Seek freedom. They are free spirited and easy to adapt to change. They may get bored easily and they admire change. Others veiw them as unpredictable . Life path number 5 needs to learn to slow down and be patient.

Life path number 6:

Seek peace. They love nurturing and protecting people they care for. They are supportive and protective. Others may see them as selfless. Life path number 6 needs to learn how to practice self love.

Life path number 7:

Are deep thinkers. They hate small talk. They are very curious and analytical. They are cteative and artistic. Life path number 7 needs to learn how to stop overthinking and enjoy life more.

Life path number 8:

Are very practical, goal oriented and career driven. They like teamwork and they also like to be in control of things. Life path number 8 needs to learn how to accept things they can’t control.

Life path number 9:

Are very helpful and supportive. They are dedicated to their goals and hard workers. Known to be humble, they are affected by the concerns of the world and empathize with people in need. Life path number 9 needs to learn the balance between giving and receiving.

Master numbers 11, 22 and 33:

The master numbers 11, 22 and 33 are powerful and rare. People with master numbers usually rise to be spiritual leaders and community Influencers.

Life path number 11:

Are highly intuitive. Known to have the stregth and Psychic abilities to seek spiritual leadership and enlightenment. They seek balance in their lives. They can identify negative energy and they steer away from it. They can also be picky in finding a partner who has a high vibration that corresponds to theirs. Life path number 11 needs to learn to find the strength to finish the tasks they start.

Life path number 22:

Are better in connecting with the material world than the 11’s. Life path number 22 are highly practical, metodical and organized. They hate the unexpected because it remimds them of instability. They seek balance in life and they believe that anything is possible if you work hard for it.
Life path number 22 needs to learn how to overcome their fear of failure.

Life path number 33:

Is the master teacher. They are compassionate and helpful. Life path number 33 needs to express themselves in a creative way. Highly spiritual. When in alignment, they are able to use their gifts to heal the world. They are responsible and sensitive. Life path number 33 needs to learn how to use their creative gifts to help others.

How to find out your Life Path number?

To calculate your Life Path number you need your date of birth. Here’s an example.

Let’s say your date of birth is the 15th of December 1989. Write it down all in numbers:


Then add every single digit.

1+5+1+2+1+9+8+9 = 36

Then reduce that number to one single digit by adding 3+6=9

So in this example your life path number is 9.

The only time you don’t reduce the final number to one single digit is when you get a master number which is 11, 22 or 33.

Here’s and explanatory video to explain this in more detail.

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Red Fairy Tarot is a professional Tarot Reader and a Psychic medium. Studied Psychology as well as the Occult and Esoteric Knowledge. You can find more of her work and book a private consultation through her website,



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Red Fairy Tarot

Red Fairy Tarot


Red Fairy Tarot is a professional Tarot Reader and a Psychic medium. Studied Psychology as well as the Occult and Esoteric Knowledge