Spring in Bloom

by Jamie Redford, June 2015

Well, it’s June already. It’s really green and lush here at Sundance. Unfortunately, it’s not like that in much of the southwest right now. The Colorado River is hurting, California is in a drought — it’s a tough time.

What’s happening in the Colorado Delta right now — in spite of this overarching drought situation — is pretty encouraging. In fact they’ve planted 164,000 trees already. They’ve seen birds come back; last year they had a pulse flow — the river returned to the ocean for the first time in decades; people got their river back that live down there…it was like a really positive thing, maybe some of you have seen it.

But the campaign and work continues. So this is June and they have a campaign called Spring(time) in Bloom. They’re going to plant 50,000 trees. Ten dollars will get you two trees down in the Delta. So…ten dollars, and you can become a part of this.

Go to RaiseTheRIver.org and get involved — buy a couple of trees and do a good thing. Right on. Let’s go!! http://raisetheriver.org/springinbloom

Jamie Redford is the Chairman of the Redford Center. He co‑founded the Redford Center with his father, Robert Redford, in 2007 as a vehicle to make documentaries that inspire positive change. http://www.redfordcenter.org/

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