Introducing Quizster, The Formative Assessment App

Quizster - The Formative Assessment App

Quizster is a formative assessment app that works on any device and streamlines grading.

My wife has been teaching for 10 years and really cares about her students. As part of her weekly routine implementing formative assessment, she spends a lot of time grading. As a software developer, I’m obsessed with streamlining processes such as the feedback cycle in formative assessment. Quizster is our attempt to make this process more efficient, so that teachers can focus their energy on the quality of their feedback.

Quizster works on any phone, tablet or computer. Students take photos of their work, or include screenshots, and teachers can provide feedback, including a grade, directly in the app. Students are encouraged to submit revisions of their work until they have mastered the skill. Teachers can then download the gradebook with a single click.

Here is what some teachers are saying about Quizster:

Before Quizster, I had two problems: I was limited to where and when I could grade and I was unable to give students feedback in a timely manner. Now, I use my phone, tablet, or laptop to grade as soon as students submit work. I know where students are at with the material at any given moment. Furthermore, my students and I can dialogue electronically, one-on-one, about their misconceptions and needs for improved understanding. Quizster has helped me tighten the links of communication in a way I could have never imagined​.
Danielle Maletta, High School Math Teacher and NBCT
Quizster is so easy to use, it has made the grading process a cinch and something that I actually look forward to! It is a one-stop shop for collecting formative assignments, evaluating and recording the results, returning the assignments with helpful annotations, and putting the ball back in the student’s court for showing me further improvement. It has made a direct impact on student learning.
Mimi Yang, High School Math Teacher and Co-Founder of Quizster

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