Is PouchDB Fast Enough for My App?

PouchDB is great for building offline apps, but the initial replication can be a real drag. Fortunately, the next generation of CouchDB, CouchDB 2.0, will contain a new bulk_get API that will greatly speed up initial replication. So, just how fast is the initial replication?

Note: The following benchmarking is based on the pouchdb-replication-benchmark tests. You can use this repo to run the tests yourself. These tests were run on a MacBook Pro 2015 with 16GB of RAM and you may find that your results differ. These results are meant to provide a rough baseline for determining the current and future capabilities of PouchDB/CouchDB.

CouchDB 1 (Stable Release)

104 seconds to replicate 10,000 docs*

* You can speed this up to 38.2 seconds if you use express-pouchdb-replication-stream.

CouchDB 2 (In Dev Preview as of Feb 5th, 2016)

5.9 seconds to replicate 10,000 docs*

* This is assuming that the bulk_get API will function at speeds similar to using pouchdb-replication-stream and pouchdb-load.