What is your Justice?

I believe everyone have different moral value: it is different in gender, nationality, and race. The law is different in other countries, in other words, different view and concept of justice is different from the environment you born and raised.

What is right? What is wrong?

Captain America: Civil War — The Avengers discuss the accords — scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHbWu13hT50

To bring an attention, I posted a scene where members of Avengers discussing on Sokovia Accord: it is a set of internationally ratified legal documents that provide regulation and frame-working for the military/law enforcement deployment of enhanced individuals, particularly the Avengers and Inhumans operating under specific government agencies. Are you on Team Captian, rely on superheroes, or Team Iron-Man, power controled by society? Think realistic and tell me your side from your view of justice.


Read this article about Principles of Justice and Fairness

Think from your experience or from the history about what was called “fair” but it was not.

I will teach in class about my opinion about my definition on “justice” from analyzing different point of views from movie, comic, TED talk, and articles.

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