Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs

They’re us? No. I don’t think so. A fundamental schism has happened. I find, without any effort, on Twitter and Facebook, Trump voters who are incredibly racist, sexist, bigoted, and angry. They spew out Sean Hannity and Alex Jones ‘talking points’ at me, they’re unintelligent, they’re of poor moral character. They have lots of guns. They think they have religious beliefs, but they don’t. Today I ran into someone who said ‘diversity is white genocide’ and the other day I was told that ‘liberal scum’ like me would be ‘fed to the Muzzies.’

Why is everyone so damned in love with ‘we must unite’ and other illusions that we’re still a nation that is fundamentally held together? No. I will not unite with these people. No amount of kindness, education, gestures, compromise, accommodation or dialogue is going to reach them. They don’t want to hear from us. They want us dead.

My prediction is that Trump continues stating that things are rigged, that HRC is a ‘crook’ and more to stir up his supporters to start violence on 11/8 and keep it going until Trump is named the election’s winner and he then uses that violence as an excuse to suspend the Constitution and call himself a dictator. He wouldn’t be short of brownshirts.

I hope I’m wrong. I despise guns more than anything in the world but I’m thinking of getting a shotgun.