You Can’t See It, Yet

As a follower of Jesus, I place a great deal of importance on the sacred writings presented as The Bible. I lean into those writings to derive my understandings of where we come from and what we’re to be about.

A theme that is referenced often through these Scriptures is the need for us to have our perspective broadened. Open my eyes, the Psalmist cries out. I pray for the eyes of your understanding to be enlightened, the Apostle Paul writes in Ephesians.

In the sacred writings, every time this broadening of perspective is called for, it is for the purpose of seeing God at work in our world. A story is recounted in which someone is in a city under siege; after he is given ‘eyes to see,’ his perspective includes an even greater army set in place by God to bring victory and relief to the city’s inhabitants.

For you and me, the default perspective is with us as the center. So everything is in terms of what we can see, what we can handle — and what we can’t. There’s a part of us that enjoys this view of the world; after all, we’re at the center of it, and who isn’t drawn to that?

The problem with that perspective is that it isn’t the whole story. The whole story is that God is at work in your world, and He wants you to see his work and join Him in it.

You just gotta open your eyes.

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