X Vs Y

She smiles at him and thinks what a jackass

He see her smile and thinks she want to suck my cock rub my ass

So he smiles back and advances on his would be prey. There no way she’ll get away.

Him thinking His charms are so overwealming. That she might throw her panties at him at any moment.

She wonders if he come from a another realm where Reality is bent.

He’s like a 13 year-old boy all Pecker no brains

She tries to be polite nods at his it is in sights

Do these lines ever work or is he just insane

He leans over and hollers in her ear over the music for anyone to hear are you wet And sticks his tongue in her ear.

Revolted she shivers

Downs her Beer it time to get the hell out of here

he sees it as quivers

He smiles say do you want Leave now

Or I can get you a drink

She tries to think of a way to with being rude or making a stink.

She can tell that he will not take rejection well .

No she says I would like to dance. She try’s to Slips in the crowd and tries to disappear into the crowd of sweating bodies, spinning round.

I hand snags Her arm and. the next thing she knows she’s being Held tight had had on her hips he’ll grind her just right

He knew she could feel his rock hard erection. He knew why she got him up on the floor.

he’d give her A little preview for what was in store

But this funny thing was if he had not come on so strong she was attracted to him but now he just felt wrong.

Looking for a means of escape. Was time to get away or else get raped. Right there on the dance floor for all to see her Humility.

She fights it makes a scene over lets him shag and dry hump her leg.

He was a the type wouldn’t take no for an answer

She was She was hornier. Than a pet mink

the opposite thinks

he grabs her ass cheeks and grinds her with his stiffy.

He whispers in her ear how he wants to lick quiffy. He can feel her squirming as if to get away but he knows. Wants that hot liquid inside her .

On his cock on his lips. He’s just got to unwrap those hips

So he slap that ass with his hips get in so deep inside her.

And when he done and shot his load inside her she’d beg for more. He was sure but he’ll show her to the door.

She had the exit in sight

And when the moment was right.

she would flee in to the night.

And if she could help but he would never lies they eyes on her again.

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