People who complain are losers

The thing I don’t understand are people who like to complain. Why spend the time to complain and be negative and make yourself be unhappy when you CAN do something about it?

If you hate your boss, quit your job! IF you hate what you are doing, change it. If you are unhappy that you are not spending enough time with your family, CHANGE it. I’ve come to realize the people who complain the most actually secretly enjoy complaining. They get a kick out of people nodding their heads and sympathizing with them, and agreeing about how ‘loserish’ their lives are.

I have met people that have worked at the same job for ten years and they are complaining on a daily basis how shitty their job is. That is something I feel fascinated by. Instead of making plans to change to get out of this job they hate, they take pleasure in the complaints of fellow workers. So they gather together during lunch every day and they spread this negativity.

And truth be told, I don’t think it’s something they consciously seek to do. To breed and spread negativity. But such is the habit that has been accumulated over many years. Change is a scary thing. Whether it’s changing a job, quitting a failing relationship, even taking up a new course or changing a lifestyle. Most people are scared of change.

But most people also don’t think too much about life. Increasingly, over the years, as I grow older, time becomes more and more valuable. Or rather, my perception of time becomes more valuable. Much more so than money. Which is why I don’t really understand people who spend hours queuing for hours only to get a freebie worth five dollars. People who do that obviously put very little value in their time. And that inevitably becomes a value of themselves. Do they believe they are worth more than five dollars per 2 hours of time? People who think and value themselves highly would never engage in such pointless activities.

But I digress.

The way I look at it. There are three terrible things that happen when one complains.

Firstly, it’s simply a waste of time. What does complaining actually achieve? Very little. That’s just true. Nothing changes with any types of complaining. Unless you actively find a solution to the source of your complaints, it really will not change anything. Only time wasted that you can easily use to do something about your situation. Hate your job? Find time to build your resume and look for a better one.

Secondly, complaining creates a negative mindset. And negativity will attract even more negativity. I was just chatting with a colleague the other day. We were talking about luck. He was saying that some people are just born lucky. I actually disagree. I strictly believe in the concept of ‘you make your own luck’. What do I mean by that? Have you ever notice that people who are generally more positive, and who are more open to opportunities, and with a good attitude, tends to have better luck than say Complainers?

Everywhere I go, the people I’ve met that seem to do well are positive people. They look at a glass that is half full. The complainers are usually people who look at things that are half empty.

Lastly, complainers drag people around them down. Not only does complainers affect themselves, it actually affects the people that they are complaining to. Most of us are polite people and we tend to nod politely and agree when we hear someone complain. Some of us might even have a good laugh. It basically creates a group of people that are feeding off each other’s negativity. We really don’t need that in this world. There’s enough negativity as it is.

So please. Next time when you feel an urge to complain. Shut your mouth and think what can be done instead. And trust me. You are better off doing that.

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