VidCon Debrief

  1. Sargon has criticized Anita’s ideas quite thoroughly, but he has never harassed her! Criticizing ideas IS NOT harassment, unless you want to use Anita’s definition of harassment, which is just wrong!
  2. No, women are not harassed more than men. Here is a study that brings your assertion into question:
  3. The “broader context” is that Anita does not allow dissent and that she has been using her platform to defame and harass gamers for years! You have just caught her doing it to one of her critics straight from her platform to his face, and yet you decide to side with her?? Wow… just wow!
  4. Nobody is buying your bullshit, but nice try.
  5. You just disproved Anita’s main point — how women are harassed more. Namely, here we have YET AGAIN another example of female privilege, where a woman can get away with breaking rules, harassing a guest who payed for his ticket and did nothing wrong, yet he gets to carry the mantle of being a “stalker” and “harasser” despite nobody providing any proof of this.
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