Free Speech and the Paradox of Tolerance
Julia Serano

I have seen other offshoots of feminist anarchists, specifically “BAMN”-By any means necesary-and if you want to confront free speech rights of others, be prepared to pay the price. We have seen these manifestos by angry feminists, and we are going to face you physically. We know your tactics are to try stage an attack, then you will say “see, they are violent!” But you are not succesful in stopping most free speech, and in fact, what happened at Berkely HELPED MILO more than anything he could have done by himself, and your protests at NYU helped Spencer as well. You will have to take up armed conflict. This is your only chance to stop a sweeping idea that is taking the country by storm. We are winning. Your only hope is violence, hitting each Trump supporter physically. You cannot stop free speech. 53% of women supported Trump. May I suggest that your feminist message was a complete and utter fail. You are rejected.