Neat, Plausible, and Generally Wrong: A Response to the CDC Recommendations for Chronic Opioid Use
Stephen Martin, MD, EdM

Dear Dr Martin, Potee, and Lazris,

Thank you for a deeply researched and referenced analysis of the recent CDC guidelines on opioids. If I may add at the margins to your devastating critique, I commend for your reading “Tracking Down the ‘Research’ Behind the CDC’s Opioid Prescribing Guidelines”. See

As I noted in that article, “ A strong case can be made that the basic research used by the CDC to justify restrictive guidelines on prescription of opioids is not only scientifically weak but has been cherry-picked by a group of people who were NOT qualified in pain management, to support a totally fraudulent guideline.”

Thanks again for your insightful debunking of the CDC nonsense. It is imperative that the March guidelines be withdrawn for a total rewrite. I echo Lana Kirby’s invitation to join a rally of chronic pain patients to make their case in close proximity to the White House.

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